Women in IT: Bibi Delidabieke

Bibi Delidabieke, 30 years, Integration & Frank!Developer

Bibi is a rational, flexible colleague, who’s always up for a challenge. Reading, painting, travelling and solving puzzles is what makes her happy. At work, she enjoys fixing bugs, solving problems and writing code.

She’s been in the Netherlands for 3 years, and has already completed a Software Engineering course of MakeITWork at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, got her driver’s license and is now in the process of completing the NT2 Staatsexamen Nederlands. In the meantime she keeps on studying the Dutch language by herself.

During my Bachelor and Master study I had my first experience with IT and learnt the programming languages R and C++. At the time it wasn’t something I saw myself doing for a living, as my focus was all aimed at psychology.

As I moved to the Netherlands I started looking more closely at the job market. Nowadays there is a huge demand for IT professionals and there aren’t many women in this line of work. IT has a great job security and flexibility on the short and long term, so I decided to join MakeITWork at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. My goal is to build a career in IT using my psychology background. I get a lot of pleasure by creating something and helping others by that.

I believe that IT involves a lot of psychology. A big part of psychology is about how our brains work, and a computer is, in a way, an attempt to recreate certain functions in the brain. I use my knowledge of how the brain works to become a better software engineer and to make software and applications more user-friendly.

Interactions among colleagues and clients are very important, for example DevOps teams and Scrum teams. Knowledge of psychology can come in handy to contribute to a smooth working relationship and a pleasant and efficient atmosphere.

My goal is to gain more experience in IT, become an expert in a particular field and eventually become a senior developer. As I’m new to the company, I am currently familiarizing myself with the Frank!Framework as an Integration & Frank!Developer, and I am studying job related programming techniques.

I take a lot of pleasure by working at WeAreFrank! as the atmosphere is very warm, our opinions are always appreciated and we have a lot of freedom in our work. My colleagues are very friendly and give me a lot of support, we have a lot of fun working together.