Women in IT: Ana Maria Giraldo Isaza

Ana Maria Giraldo Isaza, 25 years, Internal Recruiter

Ana is a friendly, outgoing and hard-working colleague, always motivated by challenges. She can easily put herself in other people’s shoes, which makes her very empathetic and helps her getting a better understanding of what her colleagues are doing. Ana was born in Colombia, grew up in London and now lives in Rotterdam. During the years she has come to acknowledge that she strives on meeting all kinds of individuals from diverse cultures. She has lived in four different countries, which enabled her to be fluent in English and Spanish and she’s in the process of learning Dutch.

I have always been surrounded by the IT world. Growing up, my eldest brother had an IT company with a friend of his. I now work at an IT company myself, managing the internal recruitment, as well as keeping a close eye on our new starters and existing colleagues to make sure they are content. I think it’s important, as a company, to help our colleagues with both their professional and personal growth.

Having people skills works to my advantage as I’m working in recruitment, building relationships is important to me. Now that I work as an internal recruiter, I have had to change various styles of my recruitment. I must now think about the long-term future of these potential colleagues. So, I decided to skill up my knowledge to assess our developers cognitive and aptitude abilities, to learn about the way he or she works. Most importantly, the individual must fit with our team and is always valued as a person before employee. I am in the process of completing my Behavioural Assessment course, which I’m extremely excited to put it into action!

I enjoy working at WeAreFrank!, because the work is always fun and I feel invested into achieving the upmost for the business. Internal recruitment is challenging every day! My role is always diverse, I get to meet all different types of people, and it’s exciting to hear about the innovative projects they are working on!