Let’s be frank, let’s talk open source!

Why WeAreFrank!?

(The meaning of the word Frank is open and honest). It’s no coincidence that Frank is in our company’s name. Openness and honesty are – besides delivering quality – our most important core values. The need to be open, honest and transparent is one of the reasons we founded WEAREFRANK! in 2013.

Back then we wanted to offer our users tools to build and manage their own desired integrations. Without the long term, expensive unfair contracts and the closed, restricted platforms usually imposed by large companies.

What does WeAreFrank!?

We are different from our competitors. More open, more honest. Exactly what you, as a customer, may expect from your supplier in this age of platforms and sharing. Our modern approach of data- and system integration is called Frank!Framework. This open source- integration framework can connect all systems and applications, make them communicate and so exchange uniform data. It standardizes the way message-traffic between various applications should be built, maintained and updated.

Because of that, you don’t need to re-invent the wheel and it makes it a lot easier to quickly realise complex data integrations. And the best thing is: thanks to more than 100 ready-to-use bricks of our Frank!Framework, you can make the most solid connections yourself. By sharing, we multiply our common knowledge and skills. Open source at its best!

WeAreFrank! for whom?

We are there for every company that needs to connect various systems. For companies considering themselves – apart from their core business – software companies as well; and who would like to keep the monitoring and have the expertise in-house, instead of being dependent on one specific product. It is our ambition not only to make life easier for the integration specialists and developers, but not in the least for the administrator. In such a way that out of 100 problems 99 can be solved by you.

With the Frank!Framework you are in charge of the data- and system integration. Businesses as well as technical integration professionals can built, maintain and update the connections. Open-source, user friendly, transparent, platform independent and flexible. With the security of our involved specialists.

Our way of working has proved its value at:

  • growing and complex businesses;
  • enterprises with lots of different departments (and different systems);
  • companies that are going to merge;
  • companies that are going to break up.