What can the Frank!Framework be used for?

Functionalities of the Frank!Framework

The Frank!Framework has several functionalities. Our open source platform can be used for:

  • Connecting multiple databases that work with various systems in the enterprise environment.


  • Replacing the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB

  • Providing connections and transformations between the internet environment and underlying backend-systems, like SAP or Salesforce.

  • Complex operations and transformations between systems.

Transformation pipes: the building blocks of the platform

In order to make messages from system 1 readable for system 2, the messages need to be transformed. After the information from system 1 has been validated, the information goes through multiple transformation pipes to be converted. After this process has been completed successfully, the information is forwarded to system 2. So the transformation pipes are responsible for all transformations, which makes them the true building blocks of the platform.