Try the Frank!Framework for free

Your first steps in the Frank!Framework

Frank!Framework starter-kit

The IAF4 Template project can be used as a starter-kit to construct a new Frank!Framework application. Click here for a template project on GitHub.

What is a Frank!?

This template project enables you to build a Frank!. A Frank! Is an application and implementation of the Frank!Framework and can be used to build back-end applications or integration components which can be run on any Java-machine.

What do you need to start with? Your development environment consists of:

  • IDE (like Eclipse) or plaintext (e.g. Notepad)
  • Java-application server (e.g.Tomcat)
  • Git-client to obtain IAF4example-code
  • (optional) an “ in maven built” tool to build a war file
  • (optional) an GitHub-account to clone IAF4example and save your modifications
  • (optional) an AWS free tier account

There will be more than a hundred possibilities, but in order to help you on the way, we selected two preferred options to get you started.

  • For local development we recommend Eclipse: this refers to points 1 to 4 of the list above.
  • If you choose not to install a tooling, we recommend the AWS-cloud option, which enables you to work without delay on your GitHub-account or with a simple editor