Advantages of the Frank!Framework

SIX reasons why to opt for FRANK!FRAMEWORK

1. Easily scalable

As the adapters consist of XML, there is no need for programming in Java to build a new adapter. The configuration file is the only thing that needs to be adapted. Adding new connections goes more rapidly than in comparable systems that need customizing.

2. Swiftly operational

The basic Frank!Framework features various functionalities. Therefore no extra programming is required.

3. Powerful servers

Our applications effortlessly process thousands of messages per minute. As every application uses the basic functionalities of the Frank!Framework, the number of adapters can be increased without a disproportionate enlargement of available hardware.

4. Low cost

Large numbers of adapters can relatively easily be built offshore. This results in a considerable cost reduction of your programming.

5. Transparent management environment

The Frank!Framework features an extensive management environment (Frank!Console) in which the status of every connected adapter can be easily monitored and managed. The management module gives insight in version data, status of implemented messages, error logs and messages still in the pipeline. Better transparency is hardly possible!

6. Open standards

Within the Frank!Framework we exclusively work with open standards, making it possible for other developers to get to work with the framework and develop adapters, without delay. And subsequently every user benefits. That’s why we call ourselves Open and Frank!